virtual gift cards are now available

Want to send a virtual gifts card to someone special? You can have it delivered straight to their inbox in just a few clicks. Gravity Extreme Zone gift cards that can be used to purchase tickets, food, and more!


  1. Choose a gift cards amount below.
  2. Select the gift card amount you want to send and add to cart.
  3. Enter the email address of the person you want to send the gift card. You can also specify the date you’d like the card delivered.
  4. Once you complete your gift card purchase, the recipient will receive an email letting them know they’ve got a gift card from you!

How do I check My gift card balance?

In-store: A Gravity team member can check your gift card balance at the front desk. You’ll need a copy of your ID or a valid gift card number. This information would have been emailed to you (the gift card recipient).

Online: To check your gift card balance simply can login to your account using this link and select. “Gift Card” from the menu to view your balance.

how do I redeem a gift card?

Once you’ve added your items to the cart you’ll see “Have A Gift Card?” underneath the cart totals area. Enter your gift card code here and click Apply.

Enter your gift card code and click “Apply” to redeem
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$25 Gift CArds

$50 Gift CArds

$100 Gift CArds