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At Gravity Extreme Zone, we have an impressive rock climbing gym which can accommodate 12 climbers simultaneously. Our rock climbing gym in Phoenix, AZ has different challenge levels for different age and climbing expertise. Rock Climbing for kids is popular at our park. We see kids of all ages striving to go as high as they can. Our staff harnesses customers and properly connects them with auto-belay to ensure that each customer has a safe and a fun experience. Rock climbing for kids gives them confidence to climb and upper body strength.

An enthralling experience awaits you at Gravity Extreme Zone, where we have built the indoor wall climbing challenge for you and your kids!

The stimulation and motivation that your mind will derive after indulging in wall climbing activity are beyond measure! You can have endless fun and can outstretch your physical abilities while taking up the wall climbing challenge.

Indoor rock climbing may seem an easy task but it requires a great deal of strength, precision, and problem-solving abilities. For a person to grasp and stick onto the climbing-holds involves a  lot of physical and mental abilities that we may not realize at simply viewing it from a distance.

It would be unjust to describe wall climbing activity in words for it's the flavor can only be realized in its experience.

kids climbing indoor rock wall

Whether you want to build resilience or need to have an adventurous day-out with your friends or family, there can be no better resort than Indoor Rock Climbing Wall to thrill your being!  Have fun at indoor rock climbing wall for we have put all the safety measures in place to make your experience completely safe and exciting!

Time to awaken your senses and test your strength with ‘Extreme Wall’ that will let you:

  • Build resilience
  • Improvise the grip and muscle strength
  • A complete workout in itself
  • Increase the flexibility and motion range

Go on a spree with Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Gravity Extreme Zone features a state-of-the-art 30’ indoor climbing wall with support for 12 climbers at once so that you can challenge your friends and family. You will be harnessed from above using the latest belay technology to ensure maximum safety. We offer difficulty levels ranging from easy for younger kids to really challenging for the experienced climbers.

*Closed-toe shoes are required

*Weight requirement:  up to 225lb

*Must complete the Rockwall and make it to the top to qualify for the Skywalk course.

Get ready to face the wall climbing challenge with ‘Extreme Wall’. Book your tickets online!

For any further query, you can call at 480-757-5411


Drop an email at party@gravityextremezone.com

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