Toddlers Have a Blast at Our Phoenix Trampoline Park!

On rainy days, it can be hard to find enough ways to keep young children busy. With their boundless energy, toddlers need something to do and can get frustrated being cooped up at home! That’s the ideal time to come over to our trampoline park in Phoenix. In addition to trampolines, we offer climbing structures for toddlers up to age five.

Try New Activities

Toddlers have a lot of energy, and instead of having these younger kids make a mess in your house, they can come to our safe indoor play space to let out their energy. Our climbing structures are ideal for little ones who like to climb but sometimes lose their balance. Toddler Time in our trampoline park ensures that younger kids have a safe place to play away from the bigger older kids.

Safe and Clean Play Areas

We ensure that our indoor playgrounds are safe for kids in the toddler stage. We understand that toddlers are sometimes unsteady on their feet, which is why we have extra padding and safety rails around all of our trampolines.

The kids’ play zone is for children 48 inches or less in height, so they won’t bounce too high when another bouncer is in the area. All trampolines and surfaces are regularly sanitized, too — because while we love toddlers to share, they don’t need to share germs!

Open Play With New Friends

Our open jump sessions are ideal for kids to make new friends. Toddlers often make friends easily, and they can find a new buddy while climbing or bouncing in our kid-friendly trampoline park. We have areas around the trampolines for parents to stand and chat while they watch the kids. You can also sit down to talk with the other parents while the kids play.

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Call us today if you have any questions about indoor toddler activities at Gravity Extreme Zone, or just come by for some safe, healthy fun for your younger kids!