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Gravity Extreme Zone Holiday Parties

It’s that time of the year, the holiday party is getting closer and you have to pick a venue that will WOW your guests. Look no further! Gravity is the ultimate venue for your holiday party that will have your guest talking all year long!

Birthday Parties
Teenagers enjoying a birthday party

When September arrives, the Gravity Party team is in full swing event mode for the Holiday season. During this time, we’re planning and hosting anything from corporate holiday parties, company team-building events, Christmas parties, family holiday parties to small gatherings with friends and your favorite clients. We love this time of the year because we are able to provide a venue to make some memorable times for you and your guests.

Gravity has so much to offer. We can accommodate up to 600 of your guest in one event, unlike other venues gravity has an open floor plan so your guests don’t feel cramped and uncomfortable. Our event booking process is so effortless and the event turn-out exceeds our clients expectations!

At Gravity Extreme Zone, everyone stays entertained because of the variety of activities we have to offer. Our guest lounge has a giant TV to enjoy food and catch the game; by no means our trampolines  and attractions only for children. Adults love to get out there and bounce too; only an hour of light cardio can burn up to 1,000 calories! That’s what you need after all those extra portions at the holiday party. There are tons of options for the kids, including toddlers who have safe fun designated play zones like a kids trampoline, foam pit and our I-beam.

Our park has one of a kind unique attractions that you will not find anywhere in the valley.

  • Our Skywalk is the largest indoor obstacle course in the country and will definitely make you feel accomplished once you’ve completed the course.
  • For our Stairway to Heaven you must scale the green poles until you reach the highest pole that is 20ft high, once on the last pole you must build the courage to jump down to a safe landing and get the thrill of your life.
  • Leap of faith is the most talked about attraction, this is a must try …Make sure someone is recording your experience when you decide to take the 18ft  leap of faith and grab on to our 6ft air bag and attempt to hold it for as long as you can.
  • Drop Slide will definitely give you butterflies when you are free falling from a 25ft slide.
  • Our state of the art Trampolines are so much fun for both kids and adults and our Performance Trampoline will bring out the kid in you when you are jumping in to our bed of foam!

The best part of gravity is that even the non-participants will have loads of fun watching those that are participating, our park is designed so that the non-participants can follow their friends and family to capture the best pictures and videos.

When choosing your event menu we can offer our traditional menu that includes our raved about gourmet hand tossed pizzas

Pizza: Cheese, Pepperoni, sausage, white sauce, Hawaiian, veggie delight, BBQ chicken and tomato basil.

Salads that are freshly made in house: Caesar salad, mixed greens and our famous strawberry salad

Calzones: (ricotta cheese, cheese, tomato sauce and any topping you would like to add)

Tasty Appetizers: appetizer sampler and seafood sampler, Garlic bread, mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers, French fries and onion rings

Specialty sandwiches: meatball parmesan  and chicken parmesan

Platters: Fruit, veggie, chicken wings and chicken strips

Pizza at Gravity Extreme Zone
Fresh Hot Pizza

If this is not the menu that you had in mind, Don’t Worry!

We can customize and upscale the food menu to include locally sourced and organic offerings such as:

  • Wood fired Norwegian Salmon filet
  • Mixed Vegetables (sautéed/steamed): Broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, carrots, garlic
  • Garlic-Herb smashed potatoes
  • Lentils & organic turmeric brown rice
  • Grilled Tomatoes
  • Chicken Del Sol (grilled marinated all-natural chicken breast, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, organic turmeric brown rice);
  • Chicken Tikka Masala (grilled marinated all-natural chicken breast, coconut masala sauce, organic turmeric brown rice, sprouts);
  • Spanakopita (rolls of crisp filled dough, fresh spinach, onions, parmesan, feta).

Dessert bar options: Cake, pies, cookies, donuts, brownies and much more.

We can offer our private glass rooms for your event or you can book our entire park to make it a private & an exclusive event for your guest.

Glass Rooms
Private Glass Rooms at Gravity Extreme Zone

We pride ourselves by going that extra mile for our clients to have a successful event and we can make any event even more memorable than you last…so please tell us how we can make that happen for you!