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STEM Educational Field Trip in Phoenix

Where learning meets Gravity

Welcome to Field Trip at Gravity Extreme Zone, where education and adventure collide. If you are looking for the best field trip for kids, look no further. Inspire Your Students With Truly Interactive Activities!

At Gravity Extreme Zone we have designed an educational field trip for kids in Phoenix, which combines learning with fun.

The Elementary and Middle School Educational Field Trip at Gravity Extreme Zone uses Gravity’s unique attractions to make STEM exciting, relevant, and accessible to students. Our curriculum has been designed by STEM educators and scientists to support STEM learning in your classroom. Our field trip program was designed by professors having 20+ years of experience in the STEM field and also in the classroom.

We offer 7 different STEM field trip options designed to target specific learning objectives and applications of park attractions. Every Gravity field trip includes the following:

Before the Trip:

  • Phone or face to face conference between Gravity staff and your school (in order to customize the STEM education program to your needs)
  • Pre-field trip activities to conduct in your classroom (a short pre-trip discussion in class is very beneficial for learning)
  • Activity Schedule of the field trip
  • 3-Hour Field Trip consisting of:
    • Interactive STEM lesson, delivered by Gravity STEM Educator (30 min)
    • Hands-on student experiments led by Gravity STEM Educator (30 min)
    • Attractions at Gravity Extreme Zone (2 hours)
    • Introduction of attractions, instruction & safety training
    • Supervised adventure time
  • Photos and videos for the students to keep
  • Lunch option (we have chef & kitchen on-site to provide freshly made food to students at affordable cost)

General Learning Objectives

  • Increasing awareness of exciting STEM careers
  • Learning how STEM is used in the real-world and how it is applied at Gravity
  • Extreme Zone
  • Understanding Scientific Method and its applications at Gravity Extreme Zone (Ask a
  • question, background research, hypothesis, testing, analyzing data, drawing
  • conclusion, sharing results)
  • Understanding how STEM fields support each other
  • Hands-on STEM experiments
Kids building robots at summer camp at gravity

Overnight STEM Camp-in

We also offer Overnight Camp-in field trip. Camp-ins offer a fun, unique way to experience field trip with memorable educational experiences. Great for school groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, fraternities, sororities & more. Bring your sleeping bags & camp-in over large bed of foam-pit, trampolines, dodge ball trampolines & have a time of your life. Camp-in field trip will include dinner, movies, breakfast & a lot of fun. Minimum 20 campers & 3 adults are required. Camp-ins begin at 8p.m. and conclude at 8am the following morning. 

Please contact us to get more information,  on prices, schedule & availability. Call us at 480 757 5411 or drop us a message, so one of our professionals can reach out to you at the earliest to discuss field trip ideas with you. 

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