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Experience the Ultimate Free Roam VR adventure

What is Free Roam VR?

A challenging experience in Virtual Reality

Gravity Extreme Zone drops you smack-bang into a thrilling world where action-packed adventures await. To succeed, you’ll have to play as a team and reach beyond your limits. Move freely through an immersive virtual reality, where everyday rules don’t apply, but an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

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Adventure 1

The Hallow

In the 19th century, strange stuff happened from time to time. Together with your team, you're on the lookout for the abnormal. Guided by a mysterious magician, what will you all encounter?

Adventure 2


Welcome to 2121! The technology rush has continued, with a lot of consequences. A bitter fight between man and machine breaks out. Pick a side, and play against each other! Who will win?

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no need for you to bring anything specific. We do recommend that every player wear comfortable clothes they can move freely in.
The start time is stated on your confirmation email. Make sure to arrive about 5-10 minutes ahead of time so you won’t lose any game time.
Please refer to the opening hours of Gravity Extreme Zone

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