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Cleaning Procedures

Our top priority is keeping our facilities safe and clean for everyone.

A Clean and Safe Environment for Everyone

covid cleaning procedures

The well-being and safety of our Guests and Employees at Gravity Extreme Zone is our #1 priority.

With that being said, we are closely monitoring CDC guidelines and are following all necessary state and local health department guidelines.

We require all employees, especially while on-duty, to wear masks at all times.

We require all customers walking in the park to wear a mask.

Participants are not required to wear a mask while playing on activities however we strongly urge them to wear a mask while in close proximity to other guests & to our staff members.

We have adjusted our park capacity to provide adequate social distancing to our customers. Being the largest indoor park in AZ helps us to provide social distancing to all our customers & staff.

Let's stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

All attractions are cleaned constantly and are wiped down after each use.

The measures we are taking include the following:

  • Monitoring information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, state, and local agencies to ensure we are following the guidelines set in place from authorities;
  • Communicating with employees regarding the importance of following hand washing protocols and taking preventative measures to prevent the potential spread of viruses;
  • Having hand sanitizer available and hand soap in the bathroom;
  • Communicating with employees to clean and wipe down equipment after use;
  • Making sure to send home employees at first sign of sickness.

It is our top priority to keep our employees and customers safe and well-informed, and to minimize the potential spread of the Coronavirus.

We want you to know that your health and safety are our first priority and that we are taking extra measures and precautions to ensure that our indoor park is a safe space. We are following guidelines set by the CDC and exceeding cleaning recommendations.



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